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Forex Jupiter: The 2023 Trading Revolution

In the end of 2023 Altra Forex Group released their incredible trading software by the name of Forex Jupiter. It quickly became a best-selling hit, gaining a loyal following and proving again that trading can be both easy and profitable at the same time, if you use Altra Forex tools. Now, hundreds of users successfully reach their trading goals with Forex Jupiter every day.

Forex Jupiter: The 2023 Trading Revolution

Forex Jupiter Top Features

The highly accurate signals of Forex Jupiter is what makes it truly special. It also has a bunch of useful features that simplify the trading experience.

AI-based Algorithm

Forex Jupiter was created using the most powerful modern tool – Artificial Intelligence. Although the power of human mind remains unmatched, compiling decades worth of software codes into one tool is not something that can be done by anything else. That is why one Forex Jupiter equals using several trading tools by other developers.

Filter Settings

Forex Jupiter not only suits the main purpose of every trader – which is gaining money – but also suits different trading styles. By choosing different Filter options in the settings, you can modify the whole process and range it from conservative to strong. This will allow you to trade more comfortably and know exactly what you will get from the experience with Forex Jupiter.

Notification System In Place

Each signal comes with TP and SL levels generated for it, and you will get all the information about it in a pop-up MetaTrader alert. But what if you don’t want to monitor your trades from your PC? Well, we also included email alerts for those who are always on the go – and we even added push notifications directly to the MetaTrader app on your smartphone!

No Repaint!

It is pretty self-explanatory, but it has to be mentioned: Forex Jupiter does not repaint – never. That’s it.

Forex Jupiter: The 2023 Trading Revolution

What You Can Achieve With Forex Jupiter

Forex Jupiter can help you with achieving common trading goals:

  • learning how to trade easily and profitably;
  • becoming a professional full-time trader;
  • making trading the main source of your income;
  • passing prop firm challenges;
  • making profit on prop firm accounts.

Trading Automatically Has Never Been Easier

Forex Jupiter has additional software which is included in the Essential and Premium packages. It is called Forex Jupiter Manager, and it takes the signals generated by Forex Jupiter and enters and exits trades 100% automatically.

Forex Jupiter: The 2023 Trading Revolution

Apart from that, it also helps to make the trading process easier with the following features included:

  • Partial Position Close
  • Trading Hours Settings
  • Trailing Stop Advanced Settings
  • Money-Management
  • Max Spread Protection
  • News Filter

What Our Members Say

Our members graciously share their experience with us – and we are always happy to hear their stories about Forex Jupiter experience!

Fresh Update: New Fantastic Testimonials

More reviews can be found here:

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Oliver Murphy

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  1. Hi
    I intended to use my copy of Forex Jupiter Indicator for Funded trader account. This institute consists of two test phases. Both times new account numbers are given.

    How to activate forex jupiter indicator for the new account numbers?

  2. Yes, great indicator on its own. But will it be better combined with Forex Jupiter Manager?

    1. Thank you! I think yes because even if you prefer manual trading, the semi-EA mode of the Manager will be really helpful. And if you want to automate the signals, then it’s a must!

  3. Great indicator, i’m using it from few days but i got really good results. Great Job!

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