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Forex Scalping Strategy: is it viable?

Many people claim that forex scalping strategy is not for everybody. A trader has to have the temperament for such a risky process. In addition to this, a scalping user has to have determination to sit in front of the computer during the whole trading session. It takes the intense concentration and can be an exhausting experience. However, I strongly believe that forex scalping strategy can be a perfect choice for a large part of forex traders because of its significant advantages.

Understanding Forex Scalping Strategy

Forex scalping involves buying and selling foreign currencies with the goal of earning a profit on small moves in exchange rates. The international currency market is the largest and most volatile in the world. More than $5 trillion exchanged on a daily basis, which makes successful scalping possible.

The purpose of forex scalping strategy is to form a profit by buying or selling currency pairs. They hold the position for a short time and shut it for a not very big but consistent profit.

For example, if a U.S. Trader initiated a buy position of euros at the euro-to-U.S. dollar exchange rate of $1.1050 and later sold the position at a rate of $1.1150, the profit would equal 0.0100 or 100 pips, which is approximately 1%.

A forex scalping strategy might involve a profit target of only 10 or 20 pips. However, the scalper would initiate many trades or add to the position size of each trade to maximize profits.

Key Points

  • Forex scalping involves buying or selling currencies, holding the position for a very short time, and closing it for a small profit.
  • Forex scalping involves placing many trades throughout the trading day.
  • Trades are often automated based on a set of price signals derived from technical analysis charting tools.

Tools for Forex Scalping Strategy

A forex scalping trading strategy can be manual. The traders look for trends and interpret themselves whether to buy or sell the pair. However, many scalpers use automated or semi-automated trading systems when executing their trades with their brokers. The trader instructs the system what signals to look for and what action to take once there is a new signal.

Using the earlier example of the U.S. Trader that initiated a buy position of euros at the euro-to-U.S. Dollar rate of $1.1050 and sold for a profit at $1.1150, the trader could have automated the take-profit order. In other words, a trade could have automatically been closed when the EUR/USD rate moved to $1.1150, closing the position with profit.

The trader could have also automated a stop-loss order in case the rate moved against the position. So, if the stop-loss order was set at $1.10, a trade would be closed automatically once the exchange rate reaches this price level. Stop-loss orders are crucial for managing risk with scalping strategies, since they limit trading losses.

The Pros of Forex Scalping Strategy

As a result of the low barriers to entry into the world of forex trading, scalping has become a viable strategy for the retail forex trader. Scalping is popular with newcomers since the strategy requires less knowledge of the market. Since the forex market is large and liquid, traders can get in and out of trading positions easily.

Scalping is a good choice for those who hate waiting for a trade to close. You can hold positions for a very brief time period. In such a scenario, there is a lower chance of reversals that can harm a trading position.


  • Scalping requires less market knowledge – helping newcomers.
  • Forex scalping has low barriers to entry, making it good for retail forex traders.
  • The liquid forex market means trades can be entered and exited easily.
  • Since trades are held for a short period, losses from reversals can be reduced.

The Cons of Forex Scalping Strategy

It’s important to note that the forex scalper usually requires a larger deposit. It should handle the amount of leverage the investor must take on to make the short and small trades worthwhile.

Leverage is a form of margin in which the position is magnified. The trader borrows from the broker to increase the position size. However, just as leverage can magnify gains, it also can magnify the losses.

The profits are smaller on each trade, which makes it challenging to reach a trader’s financial goals. A “5-pip” yield on a trade might be insufficient for many traders.


  • Leverage with forex scalping can magnify gains, but also magnify losses.
  • The small profit-per-trade can make it challenging to reach a trader’s financial goals.


Despite a few disadvantages, there is a decent profit that you can make in a day using scalping strategy. The trick here is to hold your position for just enough time to see an uptick in the currency traded. Repeat this multiple times a day and the possibility of registering a smart overall profit for a session becomes high.

Start off and stick with currencies and trades with the lowest spreads. While doing multiple trades with small margins, remember that even a single pip can make a difference overall.

To scalp effectively, you would need to rely on charting tools that help analyze the movements of currencies. Such analysis and data translate to signals that help in making buy and sell decisions in a fast-moving market. With the automated trading systems, you can place your orders fast and with no mistakes.


forex scalping strategy

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