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Bizon Scalper: the Biggest Hit of 2023!

Recently we’ve released our outstanding indicator called Bizon Scalper, and it took it just three weeks to become the smashing hit of our group. Let’s figure out together the reason why!

Reason #1:

It satisfies the needs of our members. We spent a great deal of time analyzing the requests of our community and came to the conclusion that most of them prefer having quick intraday trades so that they can grab their profits by the end of trading session.

Bizon Scalper works on M1, M5 and M15 timeframes and meets these requirements. The trades last from a couple of minutes to several hours and allow active trading with everyday profits.

bizon scalper

Reason #2:

Bizon Scalper generates a lot of signals with high level of accuracy, but it doesn’t mean that we will stop there! That is why we added our intelligent confirmation filter that shows current trend and therefore brings win rate up to 89%! I know that most of our members are familiar with the saying “Trend is your friend”, but they still ask me “but how can we determine the global trend?” The users of Bizon Scalper don’t have this issue anymore. Each time the signal is generated you just check the direction at the bottom of the chart and open the trade without any hesitation!

bizon filter

Reason #3:

Bizon Scalper precisely adjusts to the market and adapts its TakeProfit and StopLoss levels for each pair, timeframe and even a single trade! You know that the accurate exit is as important as an accurate entry. Thanks to this feature we get maximum profit from each trade and minimize possible losses at the same time?

takeprofit and stoploss

Reason #4:

Bizon Scalper is a perfect solution for busy people. Not everyone in our community is a full time trader, a huge part of my following use Forex as a source of additional income. This is what we have to offer to those people: we added M30 timeframe that has trades running for several hours, while you can do other important things. And we also added 100% AutoMode – it opens and closes trades automatically with generated TP and SL values and can confirm global trend all on its own! All you have to do to use Bizon Scalper automatically is load it on the recommended and/or favorite charts together with Bizon Scalper Manager and activate AutoMode with just 1 click of the mouse!


Reason #5:

Most importantly, the secret to the popularity of Bizon Scalper is its profitability. It owns its success to each of you who have been sharing their results for the last couple of weeks! Thanks to everyone who has sent us their feedback – this helped enormously other members to make a decision and become more successful in Forex! We posted fresh testimonials each week and this led to increasing the number of happy Bizon Scalper users. Lots of them have already achieved their financial goals: passed their first funded account challenge or recovered previous losses.

Bizon Scalper: the Biggest Hit of 2023!
Bizon Scalper: the Biggest Hit of 2023!

All the months we spent working on Bizon Scalper were not spent in vain, and that is what makes my team and I truly happy.

Thank you for being a part of my blog where I share our news, free trading software and useful educational articles! Please enjoy this discount code to save 10% off any Bizon Scalper package: bizonspecial10

P.S. Have any questions about Bizon Scalper? Email me at or
I would love to help!

Oliver Murphy

Hi! We are Altra Forex Group, the team of the most qualified and experienced forex traders and programmers. Our Mission Statement: "Trading Forex Made Easy and Successful for Everyone"! Join our team today!


  1. Hi guys
    I would like to know is this thing real, why im asking this it because im afraid people are using fake comment and showing fake result just to dragg other people to buy fake software.
    Please guys i need to tell me this is for real and show me more proof

  2. Hello Oliver,

    I hope you’re well, the question I would like to ask is this

    Which of these three Indicators, that you and your team have developed, Bizon, Oracle, or Aurum, from customer results and your own testing, have brought about the highest consistent profits?

    Thanks in Advance for your answer.

    1. Hello Steve,
      Bizon Scalper is our top-rated indicator according to the members’ feedback.
      As for the trading results, each of these indicators is good, but they are used for different purposes. For example, for higher timeframes Forex Aurum works the best. And as for the best scalping tool, the choice should depend on your risk and profit appetite. Bizon Scalper produces more frequent trades but the TakeProfit values are a bit lower than of the Oracle Scalper indicator.

  3. If i set just your indicator on mt4 pc and signal notification to my mobile. Will it continue to give signal or work if i switch off pc.

    I dont want to use vps.

    1. Hi! You will need to leave your PC and MT4 active in order to receive the push notifications. This is how the MetaTrader platform works I’m afraid. If you don’t have such an opportunity you can use the Full AutoMode provided by the Bizon Scalper Manager

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