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New Forex Xcelerator: Full Review

Hi, everyone! Forex Xcelerator was released only two weeks ago, but it already managed to change many lives for the better! Every day I receive positive reviews on my highly profitable trading strategy. You can read some of them here

Here’s one of the testimonials from the Forex Xcelerator users. Please read it till the end and check out the Real Account Statement with +2353 USD profit!

forex xcelerator review
forex xcelerator results

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P.S. Let me know if you have any questions! Email me at or
I would love to help!

Oliver Murphy

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  1. Hello, i’m very interest in buying this product
    I have a few questions about it

    It is an EA or indicator?
    Recommended acc balance and leverage?
    Risk reward ratio and accuracy?
    If i buy regular pack, can i upgrade to Premium later?

    1. Hi Bruno,
      Thank you for your interest!
      I have already replied to you in Telegram but maybe the answers will help other members too. Forex Xcelerator is an indicator but its signals can be automized with the help of Forex Xcelerator Manager. It is possible to start trading with Xcelerator software with $300+ on your deposit. On the recommended pairs (given in the user manual) the accuracy rate is very high, TP2 is reached in 80% of the trades. Yes, you will be able to upgrade later.

  2. I tried this indicator for 2 days, especially in m15 / m30 / h1 Tf, and I must say that I am impressed, the entry and exit points are excellent and often the win / loss ratio is higher than 3: 1. if used in combination with the higher Tf it is very effective. just wait for a signal, confirm it in the upper Tf and just follow the signal. the best indicator ever for me, great job guys

  3. hoi boys – trading Armex is not as fast in giving signals – but is tremendously reliable. according to my experience. definitely recommended.

  4. hey boys –
    i would like to share some experiences.
    i find the responses remarkably on the meager side.
    or is it an idea to open an app group – maybe an idea for Oliver????


  5. dear
    it is indeed a very good indicator and manager. however, I have noticed in the past 4 weeks that
    1 – to make a profit you definitely need at least 5 cards.
    2 – and is time frame very important – is searching which one.
    3 – and one currency pair is better than another.
    These are my preliminary experiences – maybe I’m completely incorrect – but if so, please let me know.

    otherwise no negative comments and the support is also very good

    Translated with (free version)

  6. Hello,
    What leverage can be used with this software and account size for good safe profits?

    1. Hello,
      You can start with $250+ on your balance and 1:200 or 1:500 leverage for good safe profits

  7. This is a very powerful and precisely indicator. Very helpful for my daily trading!

  8. Hi, Oliver! Thank you for the best customer support I have ever experienced! I really appreciate you and Daria answering all my annoying questions. I was very nervous before getting forex Xcelerator, but I am very happy with it now. This is exactly what I needed as a swing trader.

  9. Hi!
    Henry’s review looks promising. I think about getting Forex Xcelerator but I have a question first. What is the minimum balance for trading 3-4 pairs simultaneously? And is it compatible with MT5?

  10. I’ve been following for a few years and recently decided to get the first product from them – Forex Xcelerator. I was always failing doing trades myself, but Xcelerator EA is truly amazing! I am normally not giving feedbacks but I am giving this comment as token of appreciation to Altra Forex, great job!

  11. Can I have buy robot from my friend credit card and what is the lot size used on gold with capital $500

  12. Can I have byu robot from my friend credit card and what is the lot size used on gold with capital $500

    1. Hi!
      Sure, you can get Forex Xcelerator with a credit card.
      It’s better to start with 0.01 lot size on Gold and with such capital

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