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My Review on Titanium Scalper – Is It Worth $298?

We receive a lot of feedback on our Titanium Scalper almost every day, and we especially value when our amazing members spend their precious time to describe every detail of their experience with our software. We are very proud of your achievements and are very happy to witness your success! Keep it up!

Here’s a review of Jonathan Harris, our long-time member:

Truth to be told, the description of Titanium Scalper got me very interested from the moment it was released because at first sight the system seemed as a great source of extra income, easy and profitable. However, I was a bit skeptical because I have used many tools before and didn’t find any of them effective and reliable enough to use long-term.

In about 2-3 days after first hearing about the software Oliver sent me screenshots of some fresh trades and they convinced me to get the full Titanium Scalper Kit straight away. I quickly installed the software and applied it to some pairs from the recommended list from the user guide. And as soon as I did that I saw a lot of the winning trades that I could have taken if I got Titanium Scalper earlier. I was very angry at myself for wasting time, not gonna lie!

I prefer trading on my favorite 5 minute timeframe, and the charts I’ve chosen were EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD and AUDUSD. I also put trading Manager alongside the indicator (in an Auto mode). The exit option was at the Take Profit as it is recommended in the user guide.

The first signal (Buy on EURUSD) was generated within an hour and even though it didn’t reach the TP level, it was closed with profit at the opposite signal.

In overall, 12 trades were taken during about 14 hours, and all 100% automatically. I only monitored the situation through notifications to my smartphone. The first trading day with Titanium Scalper brought me $1576 of profit, I was super excited but decided to take a break until the next day because even though I prefer automated trading, I like to monitor all the trades by myself. The next day there were some little losses but then a big trend was caught which resulted in some good profit as well.

My Review on Titanium Scalper - Is It Worth $298?
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In overall, after two weeks of trading with Titanium Scalper I can surely say that this is the best software I came across. It is worth every dollar spent, especially providing that it paid for itself in the first day! Of course, it is not a 98% win ratio Holy Grail, but it is the best solution for everybody willing to make consistent profit with minimum effort.

I hope you liked the review! We’ve provided a special voucher code for everyone who read it: tsreview10. Enter it at the checkout and get Titanium Scalper 10% OFF – we are sure you will be happy with its results!

Oliver Murphy

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  1. Dear Oliver,
    1- Is this system able to work efficiently and with little loss in cases where the price chart is horizontal in the recommended time periods?
    2- Can this system work efficiently on H4 and D1 graphics?

  2. Hi, What is the major difference between Apollo Scalper and Titanium Scalper, are both have EA and Manual functions. Do you have MT4 and MT5 version for both tools. Is the life time transferable between demo account and real account. Thanks

    1. Hi, Nathan! Thank you for your interest! The major difference lies in the trading algorithm. These two indicators are based on different but both profitable strategies. In addition to this, Apollo Scalper has two Trading Modes, while Titanium Scalper has a built-in trading scanner. They both have a Trading Manager that allows to turn the indicator in a full EA. With any license you can register 1 live & 1 demo account and change them anytime. Only MT4 versions are available at the moment.

  3. Excellent indicator, saves me so many time which pairs have good opportunities to trade! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Galliano!
      Thank you for your question! Titanium Scalper works great on all
      timeframes that are suitable for scalping trading: M1, M5, M15 and M30.

  4. Dear Oliver,

    I didnt see any TP & SL Level on your Titanium Scalper,.. may you explain more ?


    1. Dear Ratik,

      When a new signal is generated, you receive an alert with the recommended TP and SL values. You can set them manually or use an AutoMode instead. Email me at if you have any other questions.

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