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Forex Aurum: full review + users’ testimonials!

In 2023 Altra Forex Group released their most recent tool, Forex Aurum indicator.

Forex Aurum Description

Forex Aurum is a classic Buy/Sell indicator with a twist. The software generates accurate signals on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 timeframes that are easy to interpret thanks to the information provided for each trade: entry price level, TP and SL values. Forex Aurum is compatible with any asset available for MT4, including currency pairs, indices, and, of course, metals.

While being intuitive and clear, Forex Aurum has a state-of-the-art algorithm working at its core – this includes its unique Profit Multiplier, which allows Forex Aurum to follow each trend movement and methodically clear out the profits from start to finish. Profit Multiplier allows Forex Aurum to generate several Buy or Sell signals in the same direction, ensuring maximum profit for the trader:

Forex Aurum: full review + users' testimonials!
Profit Multiplier in action

Forex Aurum Manager

To optimizing trading experience for Forex Aurum members even more, Altra Forex Group release Forex Aurum Manager alongside it.

Forex Aurum Manager has two main modes: AutoMode and semi-EA mode.

In AutoMode, the whole process is 100% automated. You choose all the settings that fit your liking beforehand, and when you enable AutoMode, the Manager starts entering and exiting trades completely independently.

Forex Aurum: full review + users' testimonials!

In semi-EA mode there is more control over trades: each time a new signal is generated, a trading panel pops up, so if you want to enter this particular trade it only takes 1 click of a mouse. No more effort required: the exit after that will be automatic as well.

Forex Aurum Manager also has filtering features, such as:
⁃ News Filter, which allows to avoid trading in close proximity to news announcements;
⁃ Max Spread, which limits trades when this level is exceeded;
⁃ Open and Close hours setting, which allows to set your hands-free trading to a trading session of your choice.

Among other noteworthy features of Forex Aurum Manager is its Trailing Stop function. With the advanced settings provided for Trailing Stop, each member can minimize their grafting risks thus locking in the profits.

Forex Aurum Reviews

The amount of positive feedback on Forex Aurum is just fantastic! I keep getting thankful messages every single day, and it makes me feel so happy and proud! Here are some of the reviews, you can see more on the website:

Forex Aurum: full review + users' testimonials!
Forex Aurum: full review + users' testimonials!

Forex Aurum F.A.Q.

Q: How much is it?
A: Our prices start from $95, and you can check out all of our packages and pricing here:

Q: Can I try it out?
A: Every life-time order is protected by a 14-days money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about – if the software doesn’t live up to your expectations, you will get your full payment back.

Q: Can I use it for prop firms?
A: Sure, a lot of our members do!

Q: I am a beginner – do you offer support?
A: Our support works 24/5, and you can send us your queries all year round to
We even offer remote sessions to help you set up the software – and 100% free of charge!

Oliver Murphy

Hi! We are Altra Forex Group, the team of the most qualified and experienced forex traders and programmers. Our Mission Statement: "Trading Forex Made Easy and Successful for Everyone"! Join our team today!


  1. Wir bieten sogar Remote-Sitzungen an, um Ihnen bei der Einrichtung der Software zu helfen – und das zu 100 % kostenlos!
    Wie bekomme ich eine Remote-Sitzung

    1. Forex Aurum is an indicator but it can be turned into a complete EA with the help of Forex Aurum Manager

  2. Hi oliver…. my name is Mario James… I am interested in acquiring some highly effective indicator for forex, I have seen several on the altraforex page: forex xcelerator, proton scalper, invictus and others. Which do you recommend is the most effective at the moment?
    can you help me to decide?
    any works in mt5 too?
    I have seen comments from users of oracle scalper and they are very good, what comments would you have in a comparison between this and bizon scalper?

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest, Mario! Bizon Scalper is the most advanced tool to date. It works really well on M1, M5, M15 and M30. Comparing to another good scalping indicator of mine, Oracle Scalper, Bizon gives more frequent signals with lower TakeProfit levels. The choice should depend on whether you prefer active trading.

    1. Oracle Scalper is equipped with a Confirmation Dashboard that shows trend direction on 3 higher timeframes. It can be easily used as a filter

  3. Hello everyone who has been using EA for the past time, can you take a picture or link the transaction results for everyone to refer to before buying?
    Thank you very much

    1. I can see from the screenshot that Erik used the default settings as well as the recommended settings for volatile pairs from the user guide.

  4. Thank you! My trading improved over the last year, mainly thanks to FX Xcelerator, Aurum looks good too

  5. Looks interesting, is there any discount for new subscribers? I want to get the essential plan with EA

    1. Thank you, Magnar! You can use this code: new15 to get a 15% discount on any first order.

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