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100% Non Repaint Indicator – Free Download

100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0 is, in fact, not just an indicator, but a full trading system based on using two indicators at the same time. One of the system components is the main indicator that generates entry points while the second one acts as a trend filter. As the name of the strategy implies, both indicators do not repaint.

Indicator Description

As I have already said, the system has the main indicator. Its name is the 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15, which is based on a well-known TTS Trend Trader System. The indicator generates trading signals based on the formed Bullish/Bearish Pin Bars patterns:

100% Non Repaint Indicator – Free Download

So, if the Bullish Pin Bar is formed, we have an upward arrow (TC buy). If the Bearish Pin Bar appears, then we have an arrow pointing down (TC sell).

More about Pin Bar pattern and how to trade it can be read here

The role of the filtering indicator in this system is performed by the Color EMA indicator, which helps to determine the direction of the current trend.

100% Non Repaint Indicator Installation

  1. Unzip the file you’ve downloaded.
  2. It contains two folders. Open the “Indicators” folder and copy both ex4 files (100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0.ex4 and 100% Non Repaint Indicator(Color EMA).ex4).
  3. Open your MT4.
  4. Go to “File – Open Data Folder – MQL4”.
  5. Paste two files into the “Indicators” folder in MQL4.
  6. Open the “Templates” folder in the archive you’ve downloaded and copy the “100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0.tpl” file.
  7. Open your MT4 again.
  8. Go to “File – Open Data Folder – templates”.
  9. Paste the tpl file into this folder.
  10. Restart the MT4.

After the installation, your trading chart will look like this:

100% Non Repaint Indicator

Basic Trading Signals of the Indicator

The trading rules are simple and easy to follow:

BUY signal: the green arrow appears while the Color EMA shows the bullish trend and has the green color too.

SELL signal: the red arrow appears while the Color EMA shows the bearish trend and has the red color too.

Examples of the trades:

100% Non Repaint Indicator BUY signals
100% Non Repaint Indicator SELL signals

My conclusion on the 100% Non Repaint Indicator

Of course, this system is not able to give 95% winning rate as the creator claims, but with proper Money Management and some market analysis it can be very effective. What is more, it has a user-friendly interface and can be used even by a complete forex beginner.

100% Non Repaint Indicator – Free Download

P.S. Have problems with installation? Email me at or
I would love to help!

Oliver Murphy

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  1. Hi my name is Allan J and I am using old eyes
    so when I click the download link to your offer, and thank you for that
    I get no response.. cheers

  2. I want to thank you Oliver
    This indicator as a gift is much much better than many indicators sold at exaggerated prices, after having done a little practice it can also be used in 15 min scalping, with correct money management.
    Thank you again

  3. In what language is this indicator written/ is it not in English? I don’t understand this language ”
    ” 2023.04.25 08:33:18.409 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0 EURUSD,M15: 2023.04.25 03:45:00: íå óäàëîñü íàðèñîâàòü òåêñò, îøèáêà ¹4200

    1. I guess it’s Russian, but you can simply check the graph to see the direction/signal

  4. What length EMAs are used in this indicator? Would it be better that trader uses 4H chart to make trading decisions. What is lowest time frame chart this indicator could be used?.I would think that 1H is lowest time frame chart to use with this indicator.Thank you.

    1. Yes, the higher the timeframe, the more accurate signals you can get.
      You can start with M30 and H1 on a demo account.

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