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iProfiteer Forex Indicator – Free Download

The iProfiteer Forex indicator for MT4 is a complete trading system that displays entry points in the direction of the current trend, and does not redraw its signals.

iProfiteer Indicator Description

As I’ve already said, today’s tool is a complete trading system which consists of two indicators. Let’s look closer at these components:

  • Reversal sig – this indicator generates a signal for a presumable trend change (displayed as a box with a cross inside);

– Yellow box – indicates a downward trend formation;
– Blue box – indicates an upward trend formation.

iProfiteer Indicator also gives clear entry points right on the chart:

  • EntryPoint sig – entry point signal (displayed as a square);

– Red square – “SELL” signal;
– Magenta square – “BUY” signal.

The appearance of the visual display of both indicators can be changed in the inputs at your discretion.

iProfiteer Indicator Trade Examples

iProfiteer indicator buy trade
iprofiteer sell trade

You can exit the trade when a Reversal sig in the opposite direction appears. Feel free to use your preferable stop loss and take profit method to trade with the iProfiteer indicator.

My conclusion on the iProfiteer Indicator

According to the reviews of Forex traders, the iProfiteer indicator does not repaint its signals. It is a very important benefit of the indicator, which makes it worth checking out.

I believe iProfiteer forex indicator can be an excellent addition to an existing trading system or the basis for creating a new trading system. As always, trade in agreement with the overall trend and practice on a demo account first until you fully understand this indicator.

iProfiteer Forex Indicator – Free Download

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  1. Hello Oliver, thank you for the free download! I remember this indicator; it was a paid tool. I’m happy I can try it for free now.

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