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Instant Profit Scalper Indicator – Free Download (no repaint)

Instant Profit Scalper is an MT4 signal forex indicator that works best for scalping strategy on lower timeframes. It displays entry signals in the form of arrows right on the chart.

Indicator Description

Instant Profit Scalper Forex indicator trades on 4 and 5-digit quotes. It shows the current trend as well as signals to enter the market. The indicator does not repaint, and according to some forex experts, it gives nice results, especially on the recommended lower timeframes: M1, M5 and M15.

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In general, the indicator clearly displays its signals: a pink arrow is a buy entry, followed by a pink line of the indicator showing an uptrend, a yellow arrow is a sell signal and the yellow line indicates the downtrend.

Instant Profit Scalper Trade Examples

instant profit scalper
instant profit scalper indicator

Every time the trend changes, there is also a pop-up sound alert with the recommended StopLoss level, which value you can change in the indicator inputs. In addition to using this exit option, the author also suggests to trade with a Trailing Stop.

The developer of the indicator also recommends trading only with the trend, checking its direction on the higher timeframes, i.e. if you see an uptrend on M15, then it is advisable to ignore the sell signals on M5.

My conclusion on the Instant Profit Scalper Indicator

The Instant Profit Scalper indicator provides great signals that can be used for scalping on all pairs on lower timeframes. It is a good newbie friendly which can be used by anyone, regardless of prior trading experience.

The indicator can be used for both trade entry and exit, or as an additional confirmation filter for other strategies and systems. For scalping, the indicator performs best during the London and New York trading sessions.

Instant Profit Scalper Indicator – Free Download (no repaint)

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