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Reversal Bluestops Scalper – Free Download (no repaint)

Reversal Bluestops Scalper is an MT4 signal forex indicator that works best for scalping strategy on M15 and M30 timeframes. Its BUY/SELL signals allow the trader to catch every market movement and get a few pips profit from each trade.

Indicator Description

The Reversal Bluestops Scalper indicator is based on an effective trading algorithm designed to observe the current situation on the market and pinpoint the best moments to place successful positions. It is important to mention the fact that the described algorithm is able to identify not only entry points, but also suitable places for setting Stop-Loss orders.

Unlike many forex indicators, the described algorithm does not repaint the generated signals, which makes it a more reliable tool for trading.

In general, the indicator clearly displays its signals: a green arrow is a buy entry, a red arrow is a sell entry. Since the Reversal Bluestops Scalper indicator gives BUY/SELL signals in a simple form of multicolored arrows, it can be recommended for beginners who find it difficult to read the signals of more complex technical instruments.

Reversal Bluestops Scalper Trade Examples

reversal bluestops scalper free download
EUR/USD, M15 chart
reversal bluestops scalper
GBP/USD, M30 chart

As you can see in the screenshots, each signal has a recommended StopLoss level displayed on the chart in a form of a short blue line. As for the TakeProfit value, you can double the SL value in pips and place the TP at this level. You can also exit the trade at the opposite signal. If you choose this option, fortunately you will not have to stay in front of the PC monitoring the price direction because the indicator is equipped with all types of alerts.

My conclusion on the Reversal Bluestops Scalper Indicator

The Reversal Bluestops Scalper indicator is a great tool for every forex trader because of its simplicity, effectiveness and reliability. In my opinion, the indicator gives best results on highly volatile pairs and on the M15 and M30 timeframes. Follow the trend while trading with this tool and check its direction on the higher timeframes.

Reversal Bluestops Scalper – Free Download (no repaint)

P.S. Have problems with installation? Email me at or
I would love to help!

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Oliver Murphy

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  1. The zipped file I downloaded didn’t include Reversal Bluestops Scalper Indicator or is it named differently inside the folder? Please help me sort this out, thanks much.

    1. Hi! The zip file that includes this indicator is called “reversal_bluestops_scalper”, it’s inside the folder.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I’m unable to download this indicator if you don’t mind can you please send it to me via email please?


  3. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much on your free excellent indicator and your kindness on helping more traders like me. May God Bless you…Thanks 🤗

  4. Where can I download it? I could not find any download link!
    Also, I submitted my email address in above box, but I’ve not received the download link!

    1. Hi Brian, I have sent you an email with the zip archive
      You haven’t received the download link because you had submitted the webform in the past already

  5. Dear Sir,

    I’m unable to download this indicator if you don’t mind can you please send it to me via email please?


  6. Hi Oliver; thank you very much for all the Indicators you sent me, you are awesome .
    Being a new boy on the block I hope you can help me. My problem is that I cannot load any indicators onto my
    computer to use and trade with. I know I must be a dumcluck but I really need your help with this.
    Could you send me a page of the process of how to achieve loading these Indicators , I will be very grateful.
    Thank you Oliver.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      I have sent you the instructions via email

    Hello Oliver,
    Very nice of you to give me that wonderful selection of indicators.
    When trying to download them and place them in my folder I lost the lot, I am very sorry as I was so looking so forward
    to using them. I am very old now and not very good with computers. But t would ask of you If I could have the download
    of the list of indicators again,
    Thank you in advance.
    Rick Ashley.

  8. Hey Oliver! Thank you for the free indicator! I am a scalper myself so I would love to test this tool. Please tell me can I use it on M1 and M5 too?

    1. Hi! You’re welcome! Yes, you can, but first increase the Number of Bars in the inputs.

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