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Trend Reversal Indicator – Free Download

Trend Reversal Indicator is a simple yet rather effective Forex trading tool that does exactly what its name suggests. The indicator recognizes price direction and, most importantly, when a trend makes a reverse. Taking advantage of trade reversals is potentially very profitable, so having such tools at your disposal can be very handy.

Trend Reversal Indicator Description

The indicator consists of two lines: blue and red. These lines are two moving averages displayed in a separate window placed just below the main trading chart.

After the installation, your trading chart will look like this:

trend reversal indicator

The Blue line represent the fast-moving average while the Red one indicates the slow-moving average. The fast-moving average reacts faster to market changes, while the slow-moving average reacts slower but filters out false movements.

The Trend Reversal Indicator has two functions:

1) It indicates the current trend:

The price trend is bullish if the fast-moving average is above the slow moving average.

If the fast-moving average is below the slow moving average, the price trend is bearish.

2) The indicator signals a price trend change.

Basic Trading Signals of the Trend Reversal Indicator

BUY signal: A buy signal is generated when the fast moving average crosses the slow-moving average from the lower side.

SELL signal: A sell signal is generated when the fast-moving average crosses the slow-moving average from the upper side.

Examples of the trades:

trend reversal signals

My conclusion on the Trend Reversal Indicator

I’m sure the Trend Reversal indicator is well worth adding to your trading collection. This is a good tool for identifying trend direction and trend reversals, so it will probably enhance your chances of success. But please note that it’s better to use this indicator as a part of a trading strategy rather than as a stand-alone tool.

Trend Reversal Indicator – Free Download

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