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100% FREE “Mega FX Profit” MT4 Forex Indicator

Hi Trader! Today I’m presenting to you a very simple to handle indicator for intraday trading. It can be used for trading on any currency pair and timeframe, but at higher timeframes (H4 and above) it can be used around the clock.

Some examples of the trades:

100% FREE "Mega FX Profit" MT4 Forex Indicator
100% FREE "Mega FX Profit" MT4 Forex Indicator

TakeProfit be installed depending on the selected timeframe (M5 – 15 pips, M15 – 20 pips, M30 – 25 pips, H1 – 30 pips, H4 – 35 pips).

Basic Trading Signals:Buy Signal: open a long position after closing the BUY signal candle.

Sell Signal: open a short position after closing the SELL signal candle.

Typically, a stop-loss is placed around 10-15 pips depending on the selected timeframe.

100% FREE "Mega FX Profit" MT4 Forex Indicator

P.S. Have problems with installation? Send me an email at or
I would love to help!

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