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100% FREE “Profitable Paints” Forex Indicator – No Repaint

Hi! I’ve come across a “Profitable Paints” indicator when I was searching for a good system based on one of my favorite tools – CCI indicator. Profitable Paints has the advantages of this algorithm, but at the same time it produces more accurate and visual signals.

I strongly believe that the Profitable Paints indicator can be a good addition to your trading arsenal because it’s a very easy but highly effective software that generates fairly accurate and profitable signals without lagging and repainting.

Rules for trading with Profitable Paints

The algorithm is extremely easy to use. To enter successful positions, you need to monitor the display of the curves of the described indicator.

Basic Trading Signals:

Buy Signal: open a long position after a blue line appears on the chart or when you receive an MT4 alerts with the signal.

Sell Signal: open a short position after a red line appears on the chart or when you receive an MT4 alerts with the signal.

Exit at the opposite signal or with a chosen Take Profit level.

Some examples of the trades:

To learn how to correctly optimize and apply the described algorithm for trading, use a demo account first. Only after you have accumulated enough experience in entering positions, you can start trading for real money. At first, it is also recommended creating positions of small volume in order to exclude the appearance of big losses.

100% FREE “Profitable Paints” Forex Indicator – No Repaint

P.S. Have problems with installation? Send me an email at or
I would love to help!

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  1. Hi,thanks for the indicator. This looks like a real deal,so which is the best timeframe for this indicator?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! I would use this indicator on higher timeframes starting from M30.

  2. Thank you, Oliver, this is an excellent indicator, much better than the original indicator!

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