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100% Free – 4 Sessions MT4 Indicator

Hi everyone!
A few days ago I wrote an article about forex session hours and how to choose the best time for trading. Please make sure to know the basics of it before you download and use today’s gift:

If you’re already familiar with the basic rules of how to define the moments of high volatitily and liquidity of the market I suggest you take advantage of this amazing MT4 Indicator right here and now!


The 4 Sessions Indicator is a simple and at the same time quite functional tool. It displays the 4 main trading sessions directly on the activity chart. The 4 sessions are: Asia (Tokyo), Europe (London), America (New York) and Pacific (Sydney). The operating hours of trading sessions are shown in the following table:

100% Free - 4 Sessions MT4 Indicator

The sessions are presented as colored boxes on the chart, thereby clearly indicating open and close times of a particular session, as well as its trading range.

How to use this indicator?

Each trading session lasts 9 hours. Based on this schedule, there are trading hours when sessions of some stock exchanges overlap:

  • Tokyo and London: 1 hour.
  • London and New York: 4 hours.
  • Sydney and Tokyo: 7 hours.

Traders normally use trading sessions to determine the volatile hours throughout the day, since the trading activities vary from one stock exchange to another.

London and New York market trading sessions are considered to be the most volatile, especially during the 4-hour overlap.

There are also strategies aiming only at the opening of the London session or those that allow trading only during the Asian session. In the Forex market, you can experience the lowest volatility, almost a flat market, during the Sydney trading session time.

It’s noteworthy that a trading uptrend or reversal trend often coincides with the opening time of one of the stock exchanges.
To sum it up, we can say that the market session indicator alone doesn’t generate any trading signals. However, like other informational indicators, the 4 Sessions indicator is an indispensable assistant in the arsenal of every trader.

100% Free - 4 Sessions MT4 Indicator

P.S. Have problems with installation? Send me an email at
I would love to help!

Oliver Murphy

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  1. Thanks Oliver for these Indicators, it is very seldom that one receive quality FX tools for free. I have downloaded these indicators and will definitely give them a try.
    I have a very good scalping EA but this EA does not do well on any broker. Meaning it is broker specific and I struggle to get hold of a broker which do not manipulate the trades always in the broker’s favour. Meaning the EA performs wonderfully on Demo account but when put on live account the performance is suddenly jeopardised by broker manipulation like sudden large uncontrolled slippages and extended execution time ext.
    My question for help to you is do you perhaps know an FX broker/s that does not manipulate the trades having low lot sizes and fast execution with control slippages.
    Your help would be appreciated
    Rinus Carstens

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