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100% FREE – “Today Trend Signal” MT4 Forex Indicator

Looking for a perfect indicator but have very little time to trade? I believe I have an excellent tool for you – Today Trend Signal Indicator!

At the beginning of the trading day, this MT4 indicator will give you one trading signal. Based on its market analysis, today’s trend will give you either a buy or sell signal.

  • A blue arrow represents a buy signal.
  • A red arrow represents a sell signal.

In brief, every morning you will need to check the chart once and the indicator will provide you with a buy or sell signal. No additional trading signals won’t pop up until the next day.

Some examples of the signals:

Basic Trading Signals

Signals from the Today Trend Signal MT4 indicator are easy to interpret and go as follows:

Buy Signal: Open buy order when the Today Trend Signal forex indicator displays a blue arrow on the activity chart. This is a buy signal. Place a stop-loss below the most recent swing low level.

Sell Signal: Open sell order when the Today Trend Signal forex indicator displays a red arrow on the activity chart. This is a sell signal. Place a stop-loss above the most recent swing high level.

The default take profit level is set to 30 but can be changed to whatever TP target you need.

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