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Trade Confirmed Indicator – Free Download (no repaint)

Trade Confirmed Indicator is a very interesting and reliable Forex tool that provides quite accurate signals that do not repaint on the chart. You can find its full description as well as some trades examples below in this article.

Trade Confirmed Indicator Description

Trade Confirmed Indicator is based on the use of a price action pattern. It is also equipped with a filter that measures 10 data points in real time, determining the current trend direction.

The indicator consists of three parts displayed on the chart:

  • big Green/Red arrows that indicate the signals to enter a long/short position;
  • a panel showing the current trend direction in percentage terms. This serves as a filter for opening a position;
  • small arrows that serve as secondary signals of the opposite direction, should only be used as signals to exit a trade. The indicator sends alerts when these arrows appear.

After the installation, your trading chart will look like this:

trade confirmed
GBP/USD, H1 chart

Basic Trading Signals of the Trade Confirmed Indicator

BUY signal: big Green arrow appears on the chart and the meter shows at least 80% for Buy (Long indicator). Exit at the opposite signal displayed as a big Red arrow or a small yellow arrow. You can also exit the trade at the Take Profit.

SELL signal: big Red arrow appears on the chart and the meter shows at least 80% for Sell (Short indicator). Exit at the opposite signal displayed as a big Green arrow or a small blue arrow. You can also exit the trade at the Take Profit.

Examples of the trades:

trade confirmed indicator
AUD/CHF, M15 chart
trade confirmed free download
USD/JPY, M15 chart

My conclusion on the Trade Confirmed Indicator

Trade Confirmed Indicator has several benefits to take advantage of: it gives signals along the trend which is always a good thing, the signals generated by the indicator do not repaint, it is based on price action patterns and it has its own filter. I believe that all these things makes the indicator worth trying out.

Trade Confirmed Indicator – Free Download (no repaint)

P.S. Have problems with installation? Email me at or
I would love to help!

Oliver Murphy

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  1. I have recently got your email for free indicator and you have mentioned something new gonna be launched. Please let me know if anything new.

    1. Hi Rihan,

      Yes, I will present you with a new indicator today,
      you will get an email as soon as it’s released

  2. Halo there. Im having the same problem with this indicator. Message says DLL is not allowed but i did allow it. It is not working on any pair. Could you please assist me. Thanks man

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Please make sure that you allowed DLL when you loaded the software
      on the charts, and also, please go Tools – Options – Expert Advisors
      and allow DLL there.

  3. I really love this indicator, I wish this indicator will forever be profitable. I just made $70 just today after installing the indicator.

  4. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much on your free excellent indicator and your kindness on helping more traders like me. May God Bless you…Thanks 🤗

  5. Hi sir
    I’ve sent you a mail recently
    Please, what’s the best time frame and currency pair to use it on?
    Also, can I use it on XAUUSD?
    One last question, is there any additional instructions that I need to follow sir?

    1. Hi! I replied to you via email. It’s better to start with major currency pairs and higher timeframes.

  6. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the free indicator gift Trade Confirmed Indicator Description
    But its not working allow asking DLL and DLL is already allowed.
    How to fix it please guide me. Is there any additional DLL?


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