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Trading Armex – Is It Legit?

We receive a lot of feedback on our Trading Armex almost every day, and we especially value when our amazing members spend their precious time to describe every detail of their experience with our software. We are very proud of your achievements and are very happy to witness your success! Keep it up!

Here’s a review of Steven Goebel, our long-time member:

RE: Trading Armex

Hi Oliver!

That’s the second tool I got from you and first let me just say thank you for all the links with the free software you send to my email. Really appreciate it, man!

As you can see, I spent some time fidgeting with your Trading Armex, and I was really impressed – to say the least. Not gonna lie, I got really frustrated at first when I had to wait quite a bit for the signals, but then this little thing started to hit all my targets, so a little bit of waiting didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. As you can see from the screenshots that I attached, there were a couple of losses, but the overall result – well, phenomenal.

I have quite a few tools in my MT4 system, and let me just tell you that I’ve never seen anything that can show such results during flat. And that comes from a long-time fan of your Forex Polaris. I still use it, of course, but I think I will look at it more as a conformation system now that I have Armex.

You can see my trades in the attachment. I also do not mind if you post them somewhere – you have my permission for it.

Thanks again for Trading Armex and have a great day!


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Oliver Murphy

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  1. I got the kit today. I am testing it currently with the recommended settings and pairs.
    Will see how it goes. I will update with the results and based on that I will write my full review.
    Note .. I am testing it on a real account to see the full potential live.

  2. My own review on Trading Armex software:
    At first I thought it would be too difficult because of lots of settings in a Trading Armex Manager but now I can see that everything is super simple. If you carefully set it up according to a manual, run your tests and know what you’re trying to accomplish, you can be very successful with this tool because the logic is just phenomenal!
    My recommendation is: don’t open it on many charts, just go for a few pairs, take the time to follow the advice the manual gives you and you will win a fair amount of trades!

        1. Hi!

          Thank you for your interest!
          Trading Armex is now back in stock!
          You can get it here:

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