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MTF MACD Indicator – Free Download

MTF MACD is an excellent indicator for determining the general trend of an instrument. It is really helpful in multi-timeframe (MTF) chart analysis to forecast the forex market more accurately.

MTF MACD Indicator Description

As a trader, you have probably come across a multi-frame trading strategy before. This strategy involves checking various timeframes such as H1, H4 and daily timeframes to determine the direction of the trend and identify suitable entry points.

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However, this is a tedious job that involves switching between various timeframes. It is also very time-consuming and confusing, because you can actually miss a good signal while doing it. Multi-timeframe (MTF) Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator solves this problem.

The indicator has four lines representing four different timeframes. Therefore, regardless of the timeframe you are operating on, the indicator will show what is happening in the four specified timeframes.

The MTF MACD forex indicator draws the green and red bars to show the uptrend or a downtrend just like the original MACD forex indicator. After the installation, your trading chart will look like this:

MTF MACD indicator
MTF MACD Indicator in a separate window
  • The first row closest to the chart represents the daily timeframe.
  • The second line represents the H4 timeframe.
  • The third line represents that H1 timeframe,
  • The last line, furthest from the price chart, represents the M15 timeframe.

Basic Trading Signals of the MTF MACD Indicator

I mainly see MTF MACD Indicator as a great tool for confirmation. For example, you are in doubts whether to open a trade on M30 timeframe. You check the trend direction on higher timeframes with the help of the MTF MACD and make a final decision.

MTF MACD confirmation filter
MTF MACD Indicator + Forex Invictus

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But you can use its signals solely to enter the positions too.

BUY signal: When all four timeframes of the MTF MACD indicator show a bullish trend, open a buy entry trade and wait for a trend reversal on the MACD line to close the trade.

SELL signal: When all four timeframes of the MTF MACD indicator show a bearish trend, open a sell entry trade and wait for a trend reversal on the MACD line to close the trade.

Examples of the trades:

MTF MACD Indicator – Free Download

My conclusion on the MTF MACD Indicator

Multi-timeframe trading is a perfect way to improve your trading results because it helps you choose a better entry point. In addition to this, you don’t have to keep checking the market behavior for several timeframes. The MTF MACD indicator enables you to check four timeframes in one window. I believe this indicator is a great tool for people who want to improve their trading performance.

MTF MACD Indicator – Free Download

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