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Brand-new Forex Invictus: 2022 Most Profitable Indicator

Hi! As you may probably know, we has just released our brand-new tool, Forex Invictus.

Forex Invictus Description

Forex Invictus is a BUY/SELL indicator with a revolutionary strategy at its core. It works on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 timeframes and all assets, including indices, metals and currencies.

Forex Invictus is a tool suitable for any trader from an inexperienced newbie to a seasoned expert. It is also well-tailored to your specific trading style. With 3 modes to choose from – Mild, Optimal and Strong – Forex Invictus is always a perfect combination of risk a profit for each trader – no exceptions!

It combines complex programming and an elegant form of an intuitive interface:

forex invictus indicator

User’s Results with Forex Invictus

And, most importantly, it has proven its profitability time and time again. With Forex Invictus you will finally get a chance to succeed in training – that we can guarantee! One of the Forex Invictus users has already made +35% to the deposit! Just look at his results on a real account:

forex invictus results

Forex Invictus Trading Manger

Forex Invictus is an indicator, which should mean that is a tool for manual trading, right? Well, yes and no. We know that a lot of traders prefer automatic trading, so we made sure to give them such an opportunity. That is why we created Forex Invictus Manager.

Forex Invictus Manager acts, generally speaking, as your assistant. It works in two ways:

1. If you set AutoMode to “false”, it will run in a semi-EA mode. In this case each time a new signal is generated, a trading panel will pop up on your screen. You need to click on one of the buttons (Exit at the Opposite Signal or Exit at the TakeProfit Level), and then the software will open the trade with all the necessary settings, and when the desired level is reached – it will be closed automatically.

forex invictus manager

2. If you set AutoMode to “true”, it will run in a 100% AutoMode. In this case each time the new signal is generated, the Manager will automatically enter the trade and then exit it also automatically, so you don’t even have to touch anything – although in the beginning some supervision is always advised, of course.

Learn more about AutoMode here:

If you are holding back from getting Forex Invictus software because you think you need a larger deposit to start trading with it…

Then you’ve been waiting for no reason.  As you can see above, the system works just fine on not very big accounts too.  You can start with even less, for example, with $250 – $300 on your deposit.

You can simply set the lot size according to your balance and risk profile. Just follow the basic Money Management rules and that’s it.

I hope that clears up any concerns you have about getting started with Forex Invictus.

Please feel free to email us with any other questions you may have at

Oliver Murphy

Hi! We are Altra Forex Group, the team of the most qualified and experienced forex traders and programmers. Our Mission Statement: "Trading Forex Made Easy and Successful for Everyone"! Join our team today!


  1. is it possible to switch out for Invictus vs Scalper should you wanna give Invictus a run?

  2. Hi Oliver, sorry for the bad english (I use google translate). I need some information about Oracle Scalper. Does it also have the martingale setting? Thank you

    1. Hi Franco, absolutely not. Instead, it opens only one trade at a time on a chart to keep the trader on a safe side.

  3. Hi! I already bought Forex Invictus from you in December but received an email about your new Oracle Scalper today, which looks really promising btw. Could you tell me if it’s different and what is best on M15 timeframe?

    1. Hi! Thank you for being our loyal member!
      Yes, these indicators are indeed very different. Forex Invictus aims at catching big trends on higher timeframes while Oracle Scalper takes advantage of any price movements thanks to its Adaptive TakeProfit algorithm. In addition to this, we also added a Confirmation Dashboard to the Oracle Scalper system to eliminate false entries on the lower timeframes. Please email me at for a special discount code if you decide to get the Oracle Scalper software

  4. I would like to know if one forexinvictus license can support 2 real accounts. I ask this because I have 2 different accounts.

  5. Hi Oliver I’m following your blog for a while now, testing the indicators you share. Btw thanks a lot for that! Thanks to you I’ve Learned a lot about trading software. Me and a friend are testing Forex Invictus as we speak. It’s too soon but so far we have great experience! Kind regards

  6. Hi Oliver, I’m trying to buy Forex Invictus Kit thru Visa Card. But probably is problem from yours side, cause it’s doesent work. Can you check this please

    1. Hello Glenn,
      Forex Invictus works great on absolutely any asset thanks to its adaptive trading algorithm

    1. Thank you! You can describe your experience via email
      and I will share it with the other traders. It will be really helpful!

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