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TRIX MT4 Indicator – 100% Free Download

Among tons of indicators available to traders, the TRIX MT4 indicator stands out as a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your trading performance.

It has recently garnered attention for its ability to determine the overbought/oversold market conditions and to provide clear, momentum-based trading signals.

In this article, we will explore the TRIX Indicator, its functionalities, application in trading strategies, and tips for optimizing its use on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Indicator Description

The TRIX (Triple Exponential Moving Average) is a technical indicator that was developed by Jack Hutson in the 1980s. The TRIX indicator is designed to filter out market noise and provide traders with a clear view of the underlying trend.

TRIX indicator is based on the concept of a triple exponential moving average. It calculates the percentage change in a triple-smoothed moving average of the asset’s price, presenting this data in a separate window below the main price chart in a form of oscillator.

The primary function of the TRIX Indicator is to identify changes in market momentum before they are reflected in the price, making it a valuable leading indicator.

TRIX Indicator Installation

1. Unzip the file you’ve downloaded.
2. Find the file that is called “TRIX.ex4″ and copy it.
3. Open your MT4.
4. Go to “File – Open Data Folder – MQL4”.
5. Paste the file into the “Indicators” folder in MQL4.
6. Restart your MT4.

After the installation, your trading chart will look like this:

TRIX MT4 Indicator – 100% Free Download

Using TRIX in Your Trading Strategy

Identifying Trends
One of the primary functions of the TRIX indicator is to help traders identify trends in the market. By smoothing out price data, it becomes easier to spot the underlying trend direction, whether it’s bullish (upward) or bearish (downward).

Signal Line Crossovers
TRIX generates signals through its signal line. When the TRIX line crosses above the signal line, it generates a buy signal, indicating a potential upward trend. Conversely, when it crosses below the signal line, it generates a sell signal, suggesting a possible downward trend.

Divergence is a powerful concept in technical analysis. TRIX can be used to identify divergence between the indicator and the price chart. This can signal potential trend reversals and provide traders with valuable insights.

Avoiding False Signals
TRIX is known for its ability to filter out market noise and false signals. This feature is particularly valuable in volatile markets where false signals can lead to significant losses.

Basic Trading Signals

Using the TRIX indicator is a straightforward process:

BUY Entry: TRIX line crosses above its signal line and yellow arrows appear, suggesting that the market momentum is shifting upwards, and it might be a good time to consider entering a long position.

SELL Entry: TRIX line crosses below its signal line and aqua-colored arrows appear, indicating a potential downward momentum shift and possibly a good opportunity to enter a short position.

TRIX MT4 Indicator – 100% Free Download

My Conclusion on TRIX Indicator

The TRIX Indicator is a dynamic and effective tool for assessing market momentum, identifying potential reversals, and confirming trend directions. Its ability to filter out market noise and provide clear signals makes it a valuable addition to any trader’s arsenal.

By understanding how to interpret and apply the signals generated by the TRIX Indicator, traders can enhance their trading strategies, making more informed decisions that lead to successful trades. Remember, while the TRIX Indicator is powerful, its effectiveness increases when used as part of a comprehensive trading plan complemented by sound risk management practices.

TRIX MT4 Indicator – 100% Free Download

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