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Oracle Scalper Dashboard – 100% Free Download

Today I’m sharing with you a very interesting dashboard indicator that is known to work great with our bestselling trading system – Oracle Scalper. The indicator presented on this page is an additional software and can be downloaded for absolutely free.

Indicator Description

Oracle Scalper Dashboard analyzes 3 simple MA values (Short, Medium, Long) and displays dashboard for specified set of currency pairs and periods. This tool can be really useful because the core of any technical analysis is to identify the trend direction. A moving average is a very simple yet effective tool for these purposes that new and advanced forex traders apply. Not only the retail traders, but the institutional traders also follow the moving averages. 

Oracle Scalper Dashboard Installation

1. Unzip the file you’ve downloaded.
2. Find the file that is called “Oracle Scalper Dashboard.ex4” and copy it.
3. Open your MT4.
4. Go to “File – Open Data Folder – MQL4”.
5. Paste the file into the “Indicators” folder in MQL4.
6. Restart your MT4.

After the installation, your MT4 trading chart will look like this:

Oracle Scalper Dashboard – 100% Free Download

How to use the indicator in trading

Using the dashboard alone is not enough to find the good entry points. However, it can be a very useful trading tool while using the indicator that provides reliable and accurate BUY/SELL signals. As I have already said, many Altra Forex members use it successfully with our hit – Oracle Scalper.

It is not compulsory to do so, especially providing that the Oracle Scalper system has its own confirmation dashboard, but anything that can make your trading even more profitable, is definitely good. In order to use the dashboard with the Oracle Scalper Indicator, just attach both indicators to one chart:

Oracle Scalper Dashboard – 100% Free Download

Whenever there’s a new signal generated by the Oracle Scalper indicator, check whether the dashboard shows the same direction on the current chart and on the two timeframes higher than the current one. The number of pairs to check is up to your own preferences. The more conservative you are as a trader, the more pairs should show the same price direction.

My Conclusion on the Oracle Scalper Dashboard

The moving average that Oracle Scalper Dashboard is based on is probably the most loved indicator by new and advanced forex traders alike. Though there exists a huge list of custom-made moving averages, the indicator presented above is one of the best ones because it doesn’t lag like many other MAs do. It is achieved by the fact that the Oracle Scalper Dashboard uses 3 types of MAs including the short one.

Oracle Scalper Dashboard – 100% Free Download

P.S. Have problems with installation? Email me at or
I would love to help!

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    1. Oracle Scalper is already equipped with a Confirmation Dashboard that shows trend direction on 3 higher timeframes. It can be easily used as a trading filter.

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