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My review on “Altra Scalper” – Live account trading results

I got an amazing feedback from one of Altra Scalper members and decided to share it with you. Hope you will find this article useful and exciting!

It’s been almost two weeks since I got my Altra Scalper indicator, so I would like to talk about my experience with it. I do not do this ususally, because most of the time the tools I get for trading don’t work. Feels nice to talk about something actually useful.

I was quite hesitant about getting it at first since I had quite a few bad situations with such indicators before, but after some emailing back and forth between Ms Daria and me I decided that it was worth taking a chance. And I was quite right!

I decided to try it out on my recently opened account. It was a first Forex tool to be used on it and as a superstitious man I was taking it seriously. Thankfully it was very easy to install and I managed to load it on my platform in a couple of minutes. The first trade was a success, but the second one was a loss. Usually I am not easily discouraged, but to tell the truth at that moment I was about to call it a day and stop my trial. Thank God I didn’t, because from that moment all the trades I’d taken were winners!

When I saw win rate stated on a website I honestly thought it was just clever marketing, but my results were even better than this, and for sure much better than I expected them to be! I ended up earning almost $4k, which got me to tear up a little, to tell the truth.

It’s the best experience I have ever had with Forex tools. I am very grateful to Mr Murphy and Ms Daria for developing Altra Scalper and for bearing with me when I sent them those countless emails with questions. God bless them and good luck to everyone else using Altra Scalper, I hope you like it as much as I do.



Oliver Murphy

Hi! My name is Oliver Murphy. I am the Head of ALTRA Group, the team of the most qualified and experienced forex traders and programmers. Our Mission Statement: "Trading Forex Made Easy and Profitable for Everyone"! Join our team today!


  1. Bonjour Olivier,

    Je vient d’acheter altra scalpeur et je voudrait savoir quel est le meilleur time frime pour altra scalpeur…

    M1 ? M5 ? ou M15 ?


    1. Dear Maeck

      It is solely the matter of personal preferences. Altra Scalper
      does great job on all three available timeframes!

  2. Hi Oliver,
    For the different subscription levels, can that be changed? If 1 month subscription is selected, then after testing for 1 month is it possible to change to 6 month subscription?



    1. Dear Michael

      Sure, you can always cancel your subscription in your
      PayPal account and choose another payment plan.

  3. Dear Mr. Murphy,
    Please let me know when you release your Altra Scalper/bonus cost for 3/mths !
    Thank you,

  4. I can’t purchase your system via paypal. Paypal won’t let me purchase your subscription. I have emailed you to get help to find a solution. Please let me know what we can do to solve this issue. I really want to try your system. Thank you.

  5. Hi Oliver,
    I just wonder is Altra Scalper manually trading or automatically trading that needs to install in VPS? Does the PC need to on 24 hours? Once the BUY/SELL signal out, we execute the trade, are we going to set the TP & SL as well or just wait the system to notify us?

    Awaiting for your answer soon.

    Thank you very much.

    03/July/2020 6:06pm (GMT +8)

    1. Hi Kerrian

      Thank you for your comment!

      Altra Scalper is an indicator which means
      you have to manually enter the trades. Every time
      a BUY/SELL signal is generated you will get an alert
      with two recommended TP levels and a SL.
      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  6. I have sent a couple emails about what kind of alerts you get with the scalper. That’s the only thing keeping me from purchasing it. Does it come with push notifications if I run it on a VPS 24/5?

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